Get 20% off Torah Adventure: Shemos!

Torah Adventure: Shemos

Did you enjoy the first volume of Torah Adventure? Can you believe that this is the last week?

Volume 2, Torah Adventure: Shemos, is almost ready for purchase.

Imagine a rich, gentle Jewish curriculum that is designed to help your young children grow and thrive. A curriculum where every week you’ll cover the Torah portion of the week, while learning about Judaism and the great wide world and building lifelong memories. That curriculum is here, and the Ani VeAmi Torah Adventure: Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum Guide is ready to take you and your child on a wonderful adventure of learning!

Get 20% off Torah Adventure: Shemos when you email a testimonial about Torah Adventure: Bereishis to admin@ani-ve-ami.com. Tell us what you especially enjoyed about Torah Adventure and feel free to include pictures!

Looking forward to continuing the adventure with your family!

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