Ani VeAmi offers a variety of options to help you plan your year and customize your curriculum to fit your family’s needs.

At Ani VeAmi, our vision is to make a Jewish homeschool curriculum available to all. All of our book lists and curriculum recommendations are always free, and you do not need to purchase any of our products in order to homeschool your Jewish children successfully.

However, as busy homeschooling parents ourselves, we recognize that everyone’s time is limited. Our website is chock full of information and resources, and it would take time to look through all of them and put together a curriculum that fits your family. Thus, we are offering some tried-and-true time saving options to simplify your homeschooling experience and set your family up for success.

  1. Our Planning Guides help you with the big picture view of your homeschool year. You choose the subjects you’ll be covering and outline the curriculum and resources for each of these subjects.
  2. Our Curriculum Guides cover specific subjects and provide specific resources, broken down into manageable monthly and weekly chunks. For each week, you receive worksheets and activity pages ready for use in your home, so you don’t have to come up with your own schedule, activities, and worksheets.
  3. Our Private Consultations range from Standard, where we assist you in your planning, to Premium, where we put the curriculum together for you, to Special Needs, where we help you adjust your curriculum choices to your child’s developmental needs.