Preschool and Kindergarten Parsha Curriculum Guides

Chock-full of book recommendations, activity pages, crafts, science experiments, and hands on math, this year-round preschool and kindergarten curriculum guide is structured around the weekly parsha. Each week includes:

  • Parsha
  • Mitzvah or middah of the week
  • Coloring or activity page
  • Jewish literature
  • Crafts
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Math
  • Music

Recommended materials need to be purchased separately. Some are available online free of charge.

Volume 5, part 2 on Devarim/Deuteronomy in PDF format (begins with parshas Ki Seitzeh): $12.50 (in addition, you will receive a complementary copy of part 1 once it becomes available)

Coming soon:

Volume 1 on Bereishis in PDF format: $25

Paperback version: coming soon

Kindle version: coming soon