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What’s New for the New Year

With the approach of Rosh Hashana, we reflect on our accomplishments of the past year and resolve to accomplish even more in the coming year. At Ani VeAmi, at this time of introspection we’ve put much thought into homeschooling our own children. We’ve designed the kind of curriculum that we’ve always wanted to use with our families, and last year, we successfully used it in our homes. This year, we strove to improve on last year’s successes.

To this end, we recently redesigned the first level of our history curriculum, the Tanakh era, and added another level, the Talmud era. We’ve also added the Talmud Curriculum Guide, with pre-planned materials for each week of the school year, in the same format as the Tanach Curriculum Guide. We are delighted to share this year’s new additions with all of you, and we hope your family enjoys them as much as ours have.

Other updates:

We’ve added a video Welcome Tour to our website that will, hopefully, make it easier for you to navigate the curriculum and use it as best fits your family’s needs.

We’ve partnered with Cheder at Home to provide you with video reviews of our recommended products and to let you know about their other informative videos.

We’ve also partnered with Charlotte Mason Plenary and hope to soon bring you custom plans for your family. If you need additional help in making Ani VeAmi work for you, private consultations with our own Amy Bodkin are available through Charlotte Mason Plenary. Amy is a treasure trove of homeschooling information for all families, and she is especially passionate about customizing the curriculum for children with special needs.

We hope these new additions will enhance your homeschooling experience this year. We wish you much success in this precious endeavor! Shana tova from all of us at Ani VeAmi!

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