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Tools for Torah Giveaway Part 1!

This week we begin a 3 part giveaway with Tools for Torah! Chana from Cheder at Home has a great video sharing a little about these guides!

In order to win this set of 4 holiday guides, you may enter several ways for more chances to win!

You have until Shabbos/Shabbat to enter the giveaway up to 7 times! Winners will be announced Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Tools for Torah Giveaway Part 1!”

  1. Wow!! Amazing to see a new-to-me resource! Can’t wait to try the Shema with Rabbi Chayim and would love to see the Chumash workbooks and see if it’s good for our situation!! I completed six entries for the contest. Thanks for sharing TAG and Tools for Torah!!

  2. I visited the Tools for Torah website and realized we have the Teffilah Tracks by them and we really enjoy it! I would love to try out there guides as well. I think my oldest may be ready for them since she will be 9 soon. Especially since it encourages having a strong relationship with Hashem. 🙂

  3. I’m really excited about the Yom Tov guide! Though to be honest, I’d love the whole curriculum, and I don’t even home school! My kids go to a regular public school, and so I’m developing what we can do at home to enhance their Jewish learning!

    1. Talia, yes! That is exactly why we created Ani ve-ami! We wanted to be able to create something that could meet the needs of all Jews regardless of whether they are homeschooling, public schooling, or adults just wanting to learn more!

  4. I would have to say for STARTING, the holiday book guides because they are perfect for the beginning of the school year and a great way to help parents/teachers with the holidays.

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