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Shavuos musings

In a few days we will celebrate Shavuos, the day when we hear the reading of the Ten Commandments, commemorating the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. When the Torah describes the Jewish people’s arrival at Mt. Sinai, it uses the word “encamped” in singular rather than plural. Rashi explains that the Jewish people were united “like one person with one heart.” A prerequisite for receiving the Torah is coming together — developing the feelings of closeness to each other, despite our very real differences and disagreements.

Often, people find it easier to get along with perfect strangers than with their own family members. But loving our neighbor as ourselves applies to our family too! In homeschooling, resolving conflicts between siblings and fostering close relationships likely takes more time and effort than academics. But this side of homeschooling is by no means extracurricular. Learning together as a family provides the perfect setting for personal growth and development, which is necessarily for receiving and absorbing the Torah.

Working on the Ani Ve-ami curriculum has also been an amazing opportunity to get to know people from different backgrounds who are united in the same goal of providing our children with a quality Jewish and secular education. And now that the curriculum is live, we see families from all walks of life turning to Ani Ve-ami for their educational need, uniting in transmitting the Torah our people received on Mt. Sinai to the next generation.

We are a link in the chain — a notion that is both humbling and empowering. May our educational endeavors be blessed with success! Have a wonderful Shavuos!

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