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Back to School Giveaway!

Things have been quiet at Ani ve-ami as we have been hard at work on preparing the Late Ancient/Talmud Time Period and some significant structural updates to the website/curriculum! However, before we unveil these updates and changes, we wanted to host a Back to School Giveaway in order to share some of our favorite resources with you! Chana from Cheder at Home has joined our team and will be doing several video reviews where you will actually get to look inside the books! The reviews will be posted on Sundays (in the USA) with opportunities to earn entries into each giveaway throughout the week. Each giveaway will end with the beginning of Shabbos/Shabbat (wherever you are at). The winners will be posted and contacted the next Sunday (in the USA). We are super excited about all of the great giveaways we have planned!! In fact, we had such a great response that it looks like we will have enough giveaways to take us all the way to Rosh Hashana!

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    1. I am so glad you are excited! Each giveaway will have instructions on how to enter as each one will be slightly different. Usually it will be something like comment on the post about your favorite product, share the post on Facebook, join our Facebook group, etc. This way you have the opportunity to have more than one entry thus giving you more chances to win! 🙂

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