Music for the Talmud Curriculum Guide

Month 1: Somachti by Shalsheles (song # 4 in the album Connections)

Month 2: Mar’eh Kohen —part of Yom Kippur liturgy based on the writings of Ben Sirah

Month 3: Maoz Tzur

Month 4: Adventures in the Beis Hamikdash by Yerucham Levin; series of albums

Month 5: Hillel’s Song by Ma Tovuh

Month 6: Eicha by Sam Glaser

Month 7: Amar Rabbi Akiva Ve’ahavta

Month 8: Lag Baomer B’Meron album by Shmili Binyomin

Month 9: Rabbi Levi Sudri’s Oral Torah album

Month 10: Amar Rabbi Elazar