Homeschooling Children with Special Needs?

Ani VeAmi is designed for all children, including children with special needs. Each child comes to this world with unique potential, and our job as parents is to support their growth and development in a way that values and allows that potential to develop fully. Our curriculum is easily adopted to any child’s developmental and educational needs. We have seen children with all kinds of special needs thrive with Ani VeAmi. In fact, every single person who has worked to created Ani VeAmi has a child with special needs, and I, myself, am a School Psychologist.

My daughter’s friend wrote a school paper a while back in which she argued that children are often not treated as people, and she’s not wrong. Often the needs and feelings of children are seen as less important than those of adults. And this is even more so the case with children with special needs, whether their needs are learning disabilities, trauma, developmental asynchrony, chronic illness, physical handicap, etc.

Charlotte Mason, a 19th century educator, made the first principle of her educational philosophy “Children are born persons.” I have never seen another educational philosophy that starts with “Children are born persons.” But can you think of a more important place to begin? I cannot. No one knows our children and what they need better than they do themselves. When we treat our children as people and listen with our eyes and ears to their needs and feelings, we have the opportunity to help them grow to their full potential by providing them the support they need! If you have a special need in your family, we are here to help!