While schools tend to treat prayer as another subject, in homeschooling we believe that the best way to teach prayer is not through direct instruction, but by modeling. Our children learn to pray by watching us pray.

It is important to introduce prayers a little at a time and have realistic expectations, based on the child’s age and ability to focus. We can also encourage the children to speak to G-d in their own words throughout the day.

You can use the following resources to teach formal prayer.

Preschool children

My First Sing-Along Siddur (book with CD) by Aron Rabin

Talking Siddur – Shema Koleinu (Ashkenazi Pronunciation or Israeli Accent)

Younger children

Artscroll Children’s Siddur (Hebrew and English Edition)

Special Delivery by Rachel Stein

Special Delivery 2: A Treasure Called Shema by Rachel Stein

Tools for Torah offers a beginner’s siddur, as well as recordings of prayers. Among them is My Siddur [Weekday, Shabbat, Holiday S.]: Transliterated Prayer Book, Hebrew – English with Available Audio, Selected Prayers for Weekdays, Shabbat and Holidays (Hebrew Edition) and Bentching Trax by Rabbi Chayim Boruch Alevsky (review)


Older children

Koren Children’s Siddur: Ashkenaz(Hebrew/English Edition)

Koren Children’s Siddur: Sephardim (Edot Mizrach)(Hebrew/English Edition)

Siddur Chinuch Chaim Shlomo – Ashkenaz (Hebrew only)

Siddur Chinuch Chaim Shlomo – Sefard (Hebrew only)

The Lonely Shul by Rabbi Meir Uri Gottesman

The World of Prayer: Commentary and Translation of the Siddur (2-in-1 Edition) by Rabbi Elie Munk