Jewish Life

Sofer: The Story of a Torah Scroll by Dr. Eric Ray

Quarters and Dimes and Nickels and Pennies by Baila Olidort

How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box: And Other Wonders of Tzedakah by Linda Heller

My Favorite Jewish Bedtime Stories by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein

Collectors Edition Muchnik Classics – 6 Vol. set (Michoel Muchnik Children’s)

Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life by Rabbi Akiva Tatz

Ethics and interpersonal relationships

Younger children

One Word Too Many: Stories for Kids About the Life Changing Impact of Words by Elisheva Amar

Adventures of Binnie the Bear by Ruth Finkelstein

All Kinds of Kids by Yaffa Ganz

Animals Speak – Stories That Help Children Share Their Feelings by Chaim Walder and Avi Weinroth

Stories Straight From Avi’s Heart by Ahuva Raanan and Chaim Walder

Stories Straight from Mommy’s Heart by Ahuva Raanan and Chaim Walder

Older children

The Other Side of the Story by Yehudis Samet

Above the Bottom Line: Stories and Advice on Integrity by Hanoch Teller

Give Peace a Stance: Stories and Advice on Promoting and Maintaining Peace by Hanoch Teller

Courtrooms of the Mind: Stories and Advice on Judging Others Favorably by Hanoch Teller

Growing up and puberty

Wonder of Becoming You: How a Jewish Girl Grows Up by Dr. Miriam Grossman


Let’s Write A Torah

Aleph Beta offers video lessons on Jewish holidays, weekly Torah portion, and other topics.

Torah Live offers video courses on many Jewish topics. offers many educational materials for all ages.