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Charlotte Mason Plenary WINNER!

Mazel Tov Angela McKimmey Pratt! You are the winner of the Charlotte Mason Plenary Giveaway!! Please email us at or Facebook message us with which product you would like to receive!! Also, special thanks to the Charlotte Mason Plenary for providing us with downloads to review and providing the giveaway!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Capit Learning Giveaway!

This week I am pleased to be able to share with you another fantastic giveaway! One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Ani ve-ami is “How do I teach my children Hebrew?” While each child’s interest and skill will be unique, everyone begins at the same place when it comes to reading Hebrew, with the Alef Bet.

I did not grow up in a Jewish home, and I began my Hebrew learning journey as an adult….while in the midst of school, work, kids, and autism….so basically I didn’t make much progress! 😂 Like many of you, I knew where to start, but I needed something to help me learn how to teach my kids the Alef Bet.

This is where Capit Learning comes in. I had been hearing Yehudis rave about them for months, so I finally decided to email them about ordering a set for homeschooling. They have 2 sets: 1) a preschool level introducing the letters and vowel markings with songs and pictures and 2) an early grade school level book that reviews the letters and vowels with an emphasis on writing and then moves on to reading words. What I really like about Capit Learning is that it is simple and makes use of helpful visual and auditory pneumonics! And did you know they also offer a reading program for English too?!?

We used the preschool set last year with my two kids on the Autism spectrum (one was 10 and the other was 8). It was great! It took maybe 5 minutes total each week to teach a new letter, and then I had them review daily using the cards included in the packet. It quickly became my kids’ favorite subject because it was short and they were successful with it!

This year we will be using the early grade school set, and I am excited to watch them start to really begin to read and write in Hebrew!!

Every time I have emailed Capit Learning, I haven’t been certain as to which product would be the right choice for my kids, but Capit Learning has been fantastic at helping to guide me each time. If I had started with the grade school curriculum last year, I think my kids would have gotten frustrated, but it is a perfect fit for this year! Capit Learning has also been fantastic about selling me one set that my children can share which has cut my costs in half!! Last year they didn’t need to write much. This year they will be doing more writing so I bought some Hebrew Writing Tablets on Amazon so they could share the books (basically they are just plain wide rule notebooks).

If you would like to win either of these great curriculums, here is how you can enter to win either by commenting on this blog post OR on our giveaway post in our Facebook group:

  1. Like Ani ve-ami on Facebook.
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  4. Comment about which curriculum you would like to receive.
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If you would like to purchase your own Capit Learning Hebrew set, contact them through their website. When I bought our sets, each ran in the $50-55 range.

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Family Book of Midrash WINNER!

Mazel Tov Brittney Thompson! You are now the proud owner of The Family Book of Midrash!! Please email us at or Facebook message us with your mailing address so we can send you what you won!! Also, special thanks to Barbara Diamond Goldin for providing this book to us to review and providing the giveaway! We are excited to be including it in the Talmud time period!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason Plenary Giveaway!

This week I am excited to announce a giveaway from the Charlotte Mason Plenary! It is always a pleasure for us to be able to highlight the business of another homeschooling Jewish mom. However, I am particularly pleased because I have known Rachel through Charlotte Mason homeschooling circles for years, and I have great respect for the way she applies Charlotte Mason’s principles. One of the things that will become clear very quickly when you go over to the Charlotte Mason Plenary blog is that Rachel feels very strongly that a Charlotte Mason education is based on Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles and will look different in every home and family, depending on their needs!

Rachel has quite a few amazing products available on her website, and she is constantly adding new resources all the time! The winner of this giveaway will have his or her choice of one of ANY of Rachel’s DOWNLOADABLE products! Without further ado, here is a brief survey of what she has available!

If you find the idea of introducing your children to famous artists, never fear! These packets breakdown the subject of art appreciation into small doses and provides you with everything you need to do know in order to help your child develop a life long relationship with beautiful art!
If Charlotte Mason’s original writings from the early 1900s intimidates you, then this may be just the thing you need! Rachel and Ruk went through making the text easy to read, adding annotations concerning uncommon words and phrases, and other helpful notes and wise words of Charlotte Mason’s! Additionally they added some questions at the end of each chapter to get you thinking! This can be a really helpful tool to both the novice and the experienced Charlotte Mason homeschooler alike!
Ah Plutarch, that topic that strikes fear into homeschool parents! Whether you find Plutarch intimidating or just do not understand what possible relevance he could have to your children’s education, you need look no further than right here! Rachel is a strong proponent of teaching Plutarch! Not only did he write some of the earliest biographies on people who appear in our history books, but his biographies make a great study of character and citizenship. Are there other books that can assist in teaching citizenship? Yes, but this was the first book of its kind, and if we only take lessons from people of our own time or own perspective, where does that leave us? These guides especially make Plutarch accessible to families. Not only has Rachel made a point of laying it out in a nice user-friendly, step-by-step manner, but she has also made edits and annotations where necessary so you can hand this off to your child without any concern that the content might not be appropriate! You also don’t have to buy Plutarch’s Lives because it is all right here!! I have been nervous about starting Plutarch with my kids, but after reading through Rachel’s guide, I feel totally confident!
And…if you would like to coordinate your Plutarch studies with your picture studies, you can now do that too! I had never thought about doing this, but I can see how it might add some color to your Plutarch studies!
For your younger students who might not yet be ready for Plutarch, we have Rachel’s updated and revised America First by Lawton B. Evans. America First is a well written early American History book, but given when it was written, it was in severe need of updating, especially some terms we no longer use.
And now for my favorite product, Rachel’s planning guides! If you feel overwhelmed planning your school year and you need some tailored specifically to your family, then you are going to want one of these guides! We, at Ani ve-ami, like what Rachel has done here so much that we are working with her to create one tailored specifically to Ani ve-ami. In the meantime, I cannot recommend this guide enough. Rachel breaks down what a Charlotte Mason curriculum should look like and why. Then she helps you look realistically at your family’s needs to create a plan that isn’t overwhelming.

And finally, if you need further help planning your school year, Rachel is available for consultation!

For the giveaway this week you are allowed to enter either on this blog post or on the post in the Ani ve-ami Facebook group. You may enter by:

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One comment per entry!!

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Living Book Press Giveaway!

This weeks giveaway is from Living Book Press. Anthony, the owner of Living Book Press, is a fellow Charlotte Mason Homeschooler in Australia. He very quickly realized that many of the books recommended in different Charlotte Mason curricula have gone out of print and works tirelessly to remedy that problem! What I love about Living Book Press is the quality and effort Anthony puts into each book! So many of the books are fantastic! One of my favorites is the Burgess Book series because he is the only one who has reprint them in color!

Anthony has been quite generous and has donated an entire set of Charlotte Mason’s original 6 volume series. This series is the basis for the educational philosophy we used to create Ani ve-ami, and it is worth reading for yourself! Charlotte Mason was an English educator at the turn of the 20th century. What makes her philosophy worth using today is her belief that “children are born persons.” In a day and age where people are constantly trying to analyze and breakdown education into an efficient, assembly line to produce the highest performing students, we need to remember that children are people, not robots to be programmed. Charlotte Mason has a wealth of knowledge beyond this simple, yet foundational, first principle, and she was so up on the very latest scientific ideas that as a School Psychologist, I can tell you that very little of what she wrote has proved inaccurate by modern science!

You can have up to 6 entries. Please make a new comment on this blog post for each entry:

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6. Share one thing you like about Charlotte Mason’s Principles pictured above.

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Feldheim Publishers WINNERS!

Mazel Tov to our winners this week! Yvie Field won the Round and Round the Jewish Year set, and Hadas Merriman won Tishrei Tales! Please email us at or Facebook message us with your mailing address so we can send you what you won!! Also, special thanks to Feldheim Publishers for providing copies of the books to review and giveaway!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Feldheim Publishers Giveaway!

We’re giving away 2 books this week! The entire set of Round and Round the Jewish Year AND Tishrei Tales thanks to Feldheim Publishers!!!

Chana from Cheder at Home has done a lovely video previewing these fantastic books for us!

This week you can have up to 8 entries, but you must go to this post in our Facebook group in order to enter!!

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Ani ve-ami Giveaway!

This week we have a review from Chana at Cheder at Home of The Tanach Curriculum Guide and The Jewish Year Curriculum Guide for Ani ve-ami!

In order to win your choice of The Tanach Curriculum Guide, The Jewish Year Curriculum Guide, OR The Talmud Curriculum Guide (when it is released this fall), you may enter several ways for more chances to win!

  • Comment on this post with feedback for Yehudis on what you think of the guides!
  • Join the Ani ve-ami Facebook group and then come back here and comment that you joined our Facebook group. (If you are already in our Facebook group, comment that you are already in the group.)
  • Share this Giveaway on any social media platform and then come back here and tell us where you shared it!

You have until Shabbos/Shabbat to enter the giveaway up to 3 times! Winners will be announced Sunday!