We recommend spreading the study of the weekly parsha into several days, to maintain the children’s interest. You can use the following resources:


The Family Torah by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

The Little Midrash Says: A Digest of the Weekly Torah-portion Based on Rashi, Rishonim, and Midrashim, New Midrashim and Stories (Five Vol. Set) (review)

The Weekly Parashah – Sefer Bereishis by Rabbi Nachman Zakon 

The Weekly Parashah – Sefer Shemos by Rabbi Nachman Zakon

The Weekly Parashah – Sefer Bamidbar by Rabbi Nachman Zakon

Stories My Grandfather Told Me – 5 Volume Slipcased Set by Malky Feig

Tales of Tzaddikim: A Wonderful Collection of Stories from Our Sages and the Great Torah and Chassidic Leaders, Arranged According to the Weekly Parsha by G. Matov

Rabbi Moshe Atik’s Torah Teasers: Offbeat questions, tantalizing queries, and challenging riddles on the parshas hashavua

613 Torah Avenue — Bereishis


I Made This World For You — songs for Sefer Bereishis by Rabbi Mordechai Dubin

Let My People Go — songs for Sefer Shemos by Rabbi Mordechai Dubin

Songs For Chumash Bereishis – 613 Torah Avenue

613 Torah Ave – Shemos

613 Torah Ave – Vayikrah

613 Torah Ave – Bamidbar

613 Torah Ave – Devarim


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