Megillah for Children

Artscroll Childrens Megillah

Purim Shpiel by Gadi Pollack

The Illuminated Megillah by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib


Purim With Bina, Benny and Chaggai Hayonah by Yaffa Ganz

Middle Grades

Complete Story of Purim by Nissan Mindel

Let My Nation Live: The Story of the Jewish Deliverance in the Days of Mordechai And Esther by Rabbi Yosef Deutsch

High School

Inside Purim: Fascinating and Intriguing Insights on Purim and the Megillah by Rabbi Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff

The Gilded Cage: Queen Esther’s untold story by Sorele Brownstein

Purim and the Persian Empire (English and Hebrew Edition) by Rabbi Yehuda Landy

Al HaNissim: The Complete Story of Purim by Meir Lamberski