The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah

Artscroll Youth Haggadah (English and Hebrew Edition)

The Katz Passover Haggadah: The Art of Faith and Redemption (Hebrew and English Edition)

Haggadah/Background story combo

Let’s Go Free with Miri & Tzvi, Children’s Haggadah by Devorah Benedict

Elishama and Ephraim Leave Mitzrayim by Mordechai Halamish

The Little Midrash Says: Haggada – Based Upon Rishonim and Midrashim (English and Hebrew Edition)

Background story

The Story of Pesach by Sarah Leon

Boruch Learns About Pesach by Shmuel Kunda

Pesach: With Bina, Benny and Chaggai Hayonah by Yaffa Ganz

The Complete Story of Passover by Nissan Mindel

Preparing for Pesach

Just a Week to Go: One Boy’s Pesach Preparations in Jerusalem’s Old City (ArtScroll Youth) by Yeshara Gold

Pesach through the Ages

Once Upon a Pesach by Genendel Krohn


Ten and a Kid by Sadie Rose Weilerstein

Pass Over to Freedom (Chassidic Tales for the Jewish Holidays Book 5) by Libi Astaire

Holiday workbooks

My Very Own Pesach Guide by Rabbi Chayim Boruch Alevsky (review)

Music/Seder songs

Pesach’s Greatest Hits by Rabbi Chayim Boruch Alevsky