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Barbara Diamond Goldin’s Family Book of Midrash Giveaway!

This week’s giveaway is the book The Family Book of Midrash: 52 Jewish Stories from the Sages by Barbara Diamond Goldin. It’s a collection of beautifully retold classic stories from the Talmud and Midrash. The stories introduce children to a wide range of Biblical and Talmudic personalities. While dialog and historically appropriate details are added to the stories, the author stays very close to the original sources, which are cited after each story. Clearly, a tremendous amount of reseach went into this book, and we are grateful to the author for her generosity in sharing this wonderful book with us. This book will be included in the Ani Ve-Ami curriculum, in the Talmud time period.

A table of contents and a sample are available on Amazon at the link below:

To enter the giveaway, please do one or more of the following. You may have up to six entries.

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Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Living Book Press Giveaway!

This weeks giveaway is from Living Book Press. Anthony, the owner of Living Book Press, is a fellow Charlotte Mason Homeschooler in Australia. He very quickly realized that many of the books recommended in different Charlotte Mason curricula have gone out of print and works tirelessly to remedy that problem! What I love about Living Book Press is the quality and effort Anthony puts into each book! So many of the books are fantastic! One of my favorites is the Burgess Book series because he is the only one who has reprint them in color!

Anthony has been quite generous and has donated an entire set of Charlotte Mason’s original 6 volume series. This series is the basis for the educational philosophy we used to create Ani ve-ami, and it is worth reading for yourself! Charlotte Mason was an English educator at the turn of the 20th century. What makes her philosophy worth using today is her belief that “children are born persons.” In a day and age where people are constantly trying to analyze and breakdown education into an efficient, assembly line to produce the highest performing students, we need to remember that children are people, not robots to be programmed. Charlotte Mason has a wealth of knowledge beyond this simple, yet foundational, first principle, and she was so up on the very latest scientific ideas that as a School Psychologist, I can tell you that very little of what she wrote has proved inaccurate by modern science!

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Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Feldheim Publishers WINNERS!

Mazel Tov to our winners this week! Yvie Field won the Round and Round the Jewish Year set, and Hadas Merriman won Tishrei Tales! Please email us at or Facebook message us with your mailing address so we can send you what you won!! Also, special thanks to Feldheim Publishers for providing copies of the books to review and giveaway!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Feldheim Publishers Giveaway!

We’re giving away 2 books this week! The entire set of Round and Round the Jewish Year AND Tishrei Tales thanks to Feldheim Publishers!!!

Chana from Cheder at Home has done a lovely video previewing these fantastic books for us!

This week you can have up to 8 entries, but you must go to this post in our Facebook group in order to enter!!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Ani ve-ami Giveaway!

This week we have a review from Chana at Cheder at Home of The Tanach Curriculum Guide and The Jewish Year Curriculum Guide for Ani ve-ami!

In order to win your choice of The Tanach Curriculum Guide, The Jewish Year Curriculum Guide, OR The Talmud Curriculum Guide (when it is released this fall), you may enter several ways for more chances to win!

  • Comment on this post with feedback for Yehudis on what you think of the guides!
  • Join the Ani ve-ami Facebook group and then come back here and comment that you joined our Facebook group. (If you are already in our Facebook group, comment that you are already in the group.)
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You have until Shabbos/Shabbat to enter the giveaway up to 3 times! Winners will be announced Sunday!

Back to School Giveaway, Jewish Homeschooling

Back to School Giveaway!

Things have been quiet at Ani ve-ami as we have been hard at work on preparing the Late Ancient/Talmud Time Period and some significant structural updates to the website/curriculum! However, before we unveil these updates and changes, we wanted to host a Back to School Giveaway in order to share some of our favorite resources with you! Chana from Cheder at Home has joined our team and will be doing several video reviews where you will actually get to look inside the books! The reviews will be posted on Sundays (in the USA) with opportunities to earn entries into each giveaway throughout the week. Each giveaway will end with the beginning of Shabbos/Shabbat (wherever you are at). The winners will be posted and contacted the next Sunday (in the USA). We are super excited about all of the great giveaways we have planned!! In fact, we had such a great response that it looks like we will have enough giveaways to take us all the way to Rosh Hashana!