Textual Study Resources

Bright Beginnings Workbook; Lech Lecha Part I and Bright Beginnings Workbook; Lech Lecha Part II — workbooks which introduce children to the skills needed to study Chumash.

Bright Beginnings Workbook – Hachanah L’Gemara — introduction to study of Gemara.

Breakthrough Chinuch by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, B. Ed., M. Sc. — many hands on materials and workbooks for textual skills.

Tools for Torah by Rabbi Chayim Boruch Alevsky offers more advanced Chumash workbooks, as well as holiday workbooks, music, and other valuable resources.

Bonayich — resources for Mishna and Gemara for upper elementary through adult.

The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools offers a Chumash curriculum, as well as other materials.

The Key to Torah offers a Chumash curriculum.