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This week I am pleased to be able to share with you another fantastic giveaway! One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Ani ve-ami is “How do I teach my children Hebrew?” While each child’s interest and skill will be unique, everyone begins at the same place when it comes to reading Hebrew, with the Alef Bet.

I did not grow up in a Jewish home, and I began my Hebrew learning journey as an adult….while in the midst of school, work, kids, and autism….so basically I didn’t make much progress! 😂 Like many of you, I knew where to start, but I needed something to help me learn how to teach my kids the Alef Bet.

This is where Capit Learning comes in. I had been hearing Yehudis rave about them for months, so I finally decided to email them about ordering a set for homeschooling. They have 2 sets: 1) a preschool level introducing the letters and vowel markings with songs and pictures and 2) an early grade school level book that reviews the letters and vowels with an emphasis on writing and then moves on to reading words. What I really like about Capit Learning is that it is simple and makes use of helpful visual and auditory pneumonics! And did you know they also offer a reading program for English too?!?

We used the preschool set last year with my two kids on the Autism spectrum (one was 10 and the other was 8). It was great! It took maybe 5 minutes total each week to teach a new letter, and then I had them review daily using the cards included in the packet. It quickly became my kids’ favorite subject because it was short and they were successful with it!

This year we will be using the early grade school set, and I am excited to watch them start to really begin to read and write in Hebrew!!

Every time I have emailed Capit Learning, I haven’t been certain as to which product would be the right choice for my kids, but Capit Learning has been fantastic at helping to guide me each time. If I had started with the grade school curriculum last year, I think my kids would have gotten frustrated, but it is a perfect fit for this year! Capit Learning has also been fantastic about selling me one set that my children can share which has cut my costs in half!! Last year they didn’t need to write much. This year they will be doing more writing so I bought some Hebrew Writing Tablets on Amazon so they could share the books (basically they are just plain wide rule notebooks).

If you would like to win either of these great curriculums, here is how you can enter to win either by commenting on this blog post OR on our giveaway post in our Facebook group:

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If you would like to purchase your own Capit Learning Hebrew set, contact them through their website. When I bought our sets, each ran in the $50-55 range.

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12 thoughts on “Capit Learning Giveaway!”

  1. Yvie says:

    We are in the Ani Ve Ami group

  2. Yvie says:

    I like Ani ve-ami on FB

  3. yvie says:

    We would probably need to start with preschool, but the level one looks like a good follow up.

  4. Eliana says:

    I have liked Ani v’Ami on Facebook

    1. Sarah says:

      You won this week!

  5. Eliana says:

    I follow Capit Learning on Facebook

  6. Eliana says:

    I’m in the Ani v’Ami Facebook group

  7. Eliana says:

    I have subscribed to your website newsletter

  8. Eliana says:

    We would absolutely love the Capit Hebrew reading curriculum for ages 3-5! My daughter will be 3 on Sukkos and she already knows the Alef-Beis song so we’re working on letter recognition. This would be perfect for her. What a great resource!

  9. Renee K. says:

    I subscribe to your Website Newsletter. I’d be interested in the second level. My kids now the alef bet. They just need work on the reading now.

  10. Bonita timmons says:

    I would love the kindergarten teachings

  11. M says:

    Either would be great!

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