Welcome to the first ever Jewish Homeschool Curriculum! This curriculum is still in the works; however, our hope is that it will make a Living Jewish education available to all, regardless of affiliation, degree of observance, location, family size, socioeconomic status, disability, or any other factors! It is based on the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, who believed that children should be seen as people who thrive best on a rich feast of ideas. As it is a Jewish curriculum, it is distinctly different from other curricula based on her philosophy, including curricula used in her own schools. It is designed to bend to fit the current needs of your family, as opposed to trying to bend your family to fit a curriculum. The best place to start is our How It Works page, and from there, the time period your family is ready to work on. Unfortunately, only the Tanakh/Early Ancient and Talmud/Late Ancient time periods are ready at present, but we are working hard to add a new time period each year!



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